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Cosmic, Divine, Spiritual, Reiki, Prana, Mana, Chi, etc. are the different names given to the energy which is most important for sustenance of life on this earth. Great saints of all times, like Buddha, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak, Sai Baba, are depicted with a halo (aura) around their head and rays emerging from their raised palms.


These rays blessed & healed people. In India, the traditional way of blessing the youngsters is to place the palm on the crown chakra (the main entry point for Cosmic Energy). When this is done with purity of heart & mind, the receiver often feels the vibrations. In India, this is religiously practiced even today.

According to Indian mythology, each individual has 84 lakhs life cycles; the next birth cycle depends on the deeds/ misdeeds done in the present life cycle; the past karma plays its role in deciding the next life cycle. This process continues until one finally merges with the cosmos. So in healing, at times it becomes necessary to go back in the personís past lives & make the necessary rectification.


Scientific explanations

The intense reaction in the brain on success or failure in possessing the worldly pleasures (attachment to man & material), results in an imbalance of cosmic energy. This in turn leads to the gradual closure of the vital centers (called chakras), thereby preventing the smooth flow of Divine/ Cosmic Energy. When the body is deprived of this Energy, it is prone to all sorts of physical and mental diseases, which makes our life journey painful.

Human Energy Field or the Aura: The Human Energy Field or the "aura" is the manifestation of universal energy that is intimately involved with human life. It can be described as a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, emits its own characteristic radiation. This energy field is intimately associated with health. Any disease first affects the aura; much before (3 to 6 months) it manifests in the physical body. So a healer will be able to sense the onset of the dis-ease much before a doctor or any of his modern diagnostic appliances can register it.


Aura can be: Photographed by the Kirlian Camera, which was accidentally discovered by Semyon Kirlian of Russia in 1939;

Seen by the clairvoyants (Persons who can perceive a picture in the mind, without the use of normal vision), like Maharashi Ramanna, Ramkrishna Paramahansa, Lahiri Mahasaya, Shri Shivananda, Edgar Cayce, John Keely, Harry Edward, etc.;

And Sensed by a good number of healers between their palms, like our Guide


Ancient Indian tradition, over 5000 years old, speaks of a Universal energy called Prana. This Universal energy is seen as the basic constituent & source of life. The Chinese in the 3rd millennium BC posited the existence of a vital energy called the ĎChií.

The vital or Universal energy, perceived as a luminous body, was first recorded in the western literature by the Pythagorean around 500 BC. They held that its light could produce a variety of effects in the human organism, including the cure of illness. The scholars Boirac & Liebeault in the early 12th century saw that the humans have an energy that can cause an interaction between individuals at a distance. We sense otherís presence in the room without seeing or hearing them (field interaction); we speak of good or bad vibes, of sending energy to others or of reading each otherís thoughts. We immediately know whether or not we like someone, whether we will get along with him or clash. This knowing is the harmony or disharmony in our field interaction.

In 1911, Dr. Kilner, a medical doctor found that the appearance of the aura differs considerably from subject to subject, depending on age, sex, mental ability and health. Some years ago, a group of Soviet scientists discovered that living organisms emit energy vibrations at a frequency between 300 & 2000 nanometers and they called this energy the bio-field or bio-plasma.

In 1959, Dr. Leonard Ravitz at William & Mary University, showed that the Human Energy Field fluctuates with a personís mental and psychological stability.

The latest invention being from UK is a computer based system using a Video Camera Technique, wherein the energy flow from the fingers/palms of the healer entering the energy field of the patientís body, can be seen live on the monitor.

Chakras (Energy Centres): These are the openings for energy to flow into and out of the aura. The seven main chakras are linked to the seven main endocrine glands. It is important to open the chakras and increase our energy flow, because the more energy we let flow, the healthier we remain. If the functioning of a chakra diminishes, the intake of energy will be disturbed. This means that the body organs served by that chakra will not get their needed supply. If chakra dysfunction continues, normal functioning of the organs and other body parts in that area will be disrupted, eventually leading to dis-ease.

Healers & Healing: Physicists state that there are no basic building blocks of matter, rather that the Universe is an inseparable whole. Since we are inseparable parts of that whole, we can enter into a holistic state of being, become the whole, and tap into the creative powers of the Universe to instantaneously heal anyone, anywhere. Dr. Andria Puharich was able to consistently measure an 8 Hz magnetic pulse coming from the hands of healers. He found that healers who produce a more intense signal have a greater effect of healing.

Dr. Robert Beck, a nuclear physicist, traveled all over the world, measuring the brain waves of the healers and found that all healers, during the process of healing, exhibit the same wave pattern of 7.8 Ė 8Hz. He also found that during the healing moments, the healerís brain waves became both frequency and phase synchronised with the earthís magnetic field - called the Schumann waves. It could be assumed that healers are also able to take energy from the magnetic field of the earth for healing the patients.

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