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Cosmic Beam Therapy

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What's and How's of Cosmic Beam Therapy

This therapy is neither for the dis-ease nor for symptoms, but for the person as a whole - i.e. for physical, mental & spiritual health. All dis-eases manifest as a result of an imbalance in positive and negative energy (toxic matter), and as such, name of the disease is immaterial - be it Schizophrenia, Rett Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Angina, Arthritis, Cysts, Spondylitis, Migraine, fibroids, adenoids, stones, etc. Almost all dis-eases, including those, which are considered chronic / incurable, can be healed.

This is a powerful method of tapping the Cosmic Energy and directing it to the dis-eased, irrespective of time & space. It is a complete and exclusively distance method of healing, wherein only a photograph of the dis-eased is required. As soon as we receive the photo and the details, we sense the AURA to find out whether the patient is in a healable stage. So also the problem areas & the cause (like anger, worry, greed, tension, ego, fear, attachment, past-life effect, etc.) are assessed. Some guidelines are sent - to speed up the healing process.

The duration of the therapy depends upon the age, multiplicity of the problems and the attitude of the dis-eased. For example a child will not like to be okay, if he is insisted to go to the school where he is not doing well in his subject or is afraid of his teacher. An employee will not show any signs of improvement if his boss is always mentally torturing him. If the mother-in-law is authoritative & dominating, then the daughter-in-law will rarely show improvement in health. These are some of the examples which indicate that primary factor in healing is the role of mind.

Healer has been practicing this therapy since last 15 years.


FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions in Cosmic Beam Therapy)

1. What type of photo is required?
A passport size photograph (new or old) of the dis-eased is enough to sense the Aura and heal. No huge / full-size photograph is required (it takes longer time to download).

2. What are the details to be sent?
A list of symptoms as seen / felt by the dis-eased - like pain in specific parts of the body, insomnia, lack of appetite, constipation, depression, swelling, headache, nausea, etc. Dis-eased can notice the changes in the symptoms listed by him/her, during the healing process.

3. How correct is the Aura sensing?
Aura has been scientifically proved beyond doubt. Aura can be photographed - which is a costly affair; it can be seen by the clairvoyants - which is a rare phenomenon and lastly, it can be sensed between the palms - which is simple, easy and accurate. Of course, the accuracy of the interpretation & diagnosis depends upon experience & expertise of the healer.

4. How is it different from other healing methods?
In Cosmic Beam Therapy, sensing of the problem areas and healing can be done if the dis-eased person's hair, nail, photograph, blood drop, handwriting, recorded voice, or anything belonging to him / her is available. But we prefer a passport size photograph. This is a powerful method of tapping the cosmic energy, wherein normally, one can feel the effect of the therapy instantly, but feels within a day or two if the case is chronic or if sensation level of the dis-eased is low. We continue the therapy only if the dis-eased feels the effect of Energy on his/her body, in these two days. This system of healing has been developed after rigorous practice.

5. How is the energy sent?
The basic principle in healing is "Energy follows thought". The intention of the healer and his thoughts, form the basis of the therapy. A good rapport between the healer & the healee speeds up the healing process. Intellectuals reading this may prefer to see the web pages of Edgar Cayce, John Keely, Harry Edward and many such proficient personalities on the net, to have further knowledge in such subjects.

6. What should the dis-eased do?
Dis-eases are our own creation. Older people are often seen relating their disease to old age. But old age has nothing to do with the disease. There are instances of people living a healthy life till the end. So, understanding the meaning of life, the cause has to be analysed and avoided by the healee. Healee is expected to follow the healer's instructions, for faster healing. Be with the Nature. Be cheerful. Laugh and make others laugh. Drink plenty of water. Wash hands, feet & head at regular intervals. Be bare-footed, as far as possible. Let there be no conflict in what you think, do & say. Most important is the regular feedback by the healee to the healer, for continuous guidance.

7. Is there a chance of relapse?
After restoration of health, if one merely keeps a check on his /her 'wish horses' - like anger, worry, jealousy, lust and attachment, and if there is minimum conflict in what one thinks, does & says, then there is no reason why you cannot live a dis-ease free life. It is our uncontrolled desires, which create an energy blockage (accumulation of toxic matter in vital body channels / paths), leading to dis-ease.

8. Can I learn the method?
Cosmic Beam Therapy does not involve attunement or mantras or few techniques - like in Reiki or Pranic healing or other methods. This cannot be a part-time activity. It involves techniques that cannot be compressed into a course module. It involves step by step learning - first to shed one's negativity (toxic matter) thereby increasing one's aura and later, the techniques to handle the surge of energy. Anyone living in any part of the world, if interested to learn, is welcome to be with us for a period, which depends upon the grasping ability of the person and the accumulated toxic matter in his/ her body. The only expectation from a keen learner is that s/he must be a vegetarian and must be able to adapt to a simple living. Since there is no dis-ease which cannot be cured with the help of this system, raising funds anywhere anytime is not a difficult task and therefore no fee is charged from a student fully devoted for the cause.

9. Are there any ill effects (side effects) of this therapy?
No. But in case of chronic ailments, there is a likelihood of slight disturbance in the body due to the eruption of the suppressed emotional blocks (solid toxic matter). This may cause some pain, before being routed out of the body in the form of gas / vapor, from different energy centres. But that is only a passing phase. It must also be noted that once started, it is not wise for the dis-eased to discontinue the therapy mid-way. As this is a powerful method, the negative blocks (toxic matter) which had remained suppressed and clogged are released and abrupt stoppage will allow the toxic matters to lodge elsewhere in the body. Therefore once started, this should be a continuous process till its completion.

10. What are the healing charges?
It is an implied condition that one who is seeking healing, is prepared to pay back for the help received, to avoid the feeling of indebtedness. Once one is satisfied with the effect of Cosmic Beam Therapy, then he/she is expected to confirm from us, the kind of services that can be exchanged by him/ her. In case a healee is completely unable to offer his/ her services, he/ she may opt for monetary exchange (which is decided by a method called dowsing). Sometimes when foreign currency/service is involved, we suggest the healee to offer that money/ service to our suggested social organization, engaged in helping the deprived & needy, in their country itself, and send us a confirmation, through the organization.

11. What is Kundalini? What are the signs & symptoms of its activation?
Kundalini, from the Sanskrit, meaning coiled-up, refers to a latent force in all of us, which is a catalyst for all forms of self-healing, higher cognition & creative genius. It must be activated by an experienced teacher/ Guru, who can handle the sudden surge of energy & also guide the aspirant in a proper way. But before the activation of Kundalini, a healthy body is a pre-requisite.

Many individuals whose Kundalini has been unexpectedly unleashed do not know what is happening. Some know that the risen Kundalini flings open gates to all sorts of mystical, paranormal & magical vistas but few realize it can also dramatically impact the body. A large percentage has reported long bouts of strange illness as well as radical mental, emotional, interpersonal, psychic, spiritual & lifestyle changes. Over & again we hear stories of frustrating, sometimes desperate visits to doctors, healers, counselors, etc. who neither understood nor were able to help with the pains & problems catalyzed by raging Kundalini.

Seven categories of symptoms have been observed during Kundalini awakening.

1. Pranic movements or kriyas: Prana is the Hindu word for vital energy. Thus as intense energy moves through the body and clears out physiological blocks, a person may experience intense involuntary, jerking movements of the body, including shaking, vibrations, spasm and contraction. As deeply held blockages are released, the person may re-access memories and emotions associated with past trauma and injury.

2. Yogic Phenomena: Some people find themselves performing yogic postures or hand mudra gestures which they have never learned or could not do in a normal state of consciousness. Similarly, they may produce Sanskrit words or sounds, or have an awareness of inner music or sound, mantras or tones. Unusual breathing patterns may appear with either very rapid or slow, shallow breathing. Some people may not breathe at all for extended periods.

3. Physiological Symptoms: A Kundalini awakening often generates unusual physiological activity as intense movement of energy releases toxins in the body. Symptoms include apparent heart problems, pains in head and spine, gastrointestinal disturbances and nervous problems. Internal sensations have been reported as sensations of burning, over sensitivity to sensory input, hyperactivity or lethargy, great variations in sexual desire and even spontaneous orgasm. Symptoms can be erratic, but are generally unresponsive to medical treatment.

4. Psychological Upheaval: Spiritual awakening offers a direct challenge to the primacy of ego consciousness and the myth of separation. It brings with it a challenge to move beyond the unconscious responses ruled by drives and instincts and remove ego consciousness from the centre stage of the psyche. It comes as no surprise that such a challenge produces a period of confusion and unbalance. The emotional roller coaster may swing from feelings of anxiety, guilt and depression, through to compassion, love and joy, with accompanying bouts of uncontrollable weeping.

5. Extra Sensory Experiences: As perception expands outside of consensus reality, people experience atypical visual phenomena, including visions of lights, symbols, entities, or review of past life experiences. Auditory input may include hearing voices, music, inner sounds or mantras. Even the olfactory system may be stimulated with perception of scents of sandalwood, rose or incense.

6. Psychic Phenomena: With the opening up of psychic abilities, a person may experience precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance and healing abilities.

7. Mystical States of Consciousness: A person may shift into altered states of consciousness where they directly perceive the unity underlying the world of separation and experience a deep peace and serenity with a profound knowing of wisdom.

So don't start this process just out of curiosity or greed for enlightenment. And if the process has already set in, get some support from an experienced, trustworthy and competent Guide/ Guru/ Master.

12. Projects in the offing

  • To establish a research laboratory with all the modern diagnostic tools. This will facilitate us to examine the dis-eased person before starting the therapy and also to register the minute changes going on during the healing process. We are also open to researchers interested in making a case-study analysis of the healed persons.

  • To develop a Cosmic link with various healers/therapists. To help them establish a healing centre in their city and also give healing help, whenever necessary.

  • To adopt/ take guardianship of those who are disappointed with life and consider this world - a Hell. Help them to develop themselves in any branch of spiritual attainment. Again a photograph is required with complete details before we go further.

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